Güzel Mykonos

July 05, 2022
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party at Güzel Mykonos
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Mykonos, Greece

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500


Hip Hop, R&B


Live Music, VIP


Güzel is where top-notch entertainment blends with the beauty of nature. 

The popular nightclub first opened in 2005. It is located on the western coast of Mykonos making for a stunning venue. Güzel has a grey stone interior with a dome-shaped ceiling, adding a natural feel to a wild night of dancing

Güzel has an accommodating dance floor ornamented with hanging lightbulbs and chandeliers. There is a courtyard for patrons who like to wind down and have a conversation before rejoining the nightlife festivities.

Güzel plays pop music keeping locals and non-locals entertained. The Mykonos nightlife hotspot brings in an array of young, fashionable, and energetic folk ready to dance until the morning. 

Hoping to catch the sunrise even though you’ve been partying all night? Güzel is the place to be.

© @guzelmykonosclub / Facebook


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