Heard From Medellin

February 13, 2023
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party at Heard From Medellin
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Medellin, Colombia

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200




Underground, Casual, Live music


Need help figuring out where to rave in Medellin? Heard From is your place for electronic music and delicious bites.

The club is perched in Medellin’s south, a stone’s throw from Parque Lleras, a park brimming with restaurants, pubs, and clubs in the touristic neighborhood of El Poblado.

Boasting a minimalistic interior, Heard From features decorative plants, low ceilings, and a cute-sized disco ball casting light across the cozy dance floor. A LED screen behind the DJ plays a vital role in the club’s aesthetics, as it takes clubbers on a trippy journey.

The club blasts top-tier electronic music, including house and techno, matching its underground vibe. Heard From is the melting pot of like-minded party hoppers looking for groovy parties, including electronic greenhorns and techno aficionados.

Want a boozy day and night-long affair in a club with stellar line-ups? Heard From will not disappoint.

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