Hoppetosse Berlin

June 13, 2023
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inside Hoppetosse Berlin
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Berlin, Germany

Other / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500




Live music, Casual, Alternative


When you are fed up with terrestrial raves, Hoppetosse Berlin gives you a splashy, quirky, and alternative way to party the night away.

Since its inception, the boat club has been docked on the southeast part of the Spree River. Managed by the team of its on-water sister venue, Club der Visionäre, Hoppetosse is surrounded by an under-the-radar neighborhood where beautiful old buildings and lush greenery reign supreme.

The boat where the Berlin nightlife venue resides was built in 1928 on the Baltic sea. Over years, Hoppetosse’s home received a second life as a pulsating nightclub when it was refurbished with a sleek, modern vibe.

Its architecture is a vision of classic nautical nostalgia wrapped in underground decor. Three decks carve out a labyrinth of fun, decked out in the ship’s original woodwork – but the main heat is on the indoor dance floor.

Encased in an auditory halo from booming Morf speakers, the space creates a crystal-clear acoustical voyage for up to 450 ravers.

Beneath the strobe, it’s the soundscape that truly set Hoppetosse apart. The boat venue reverberates with minimal house and techno beats crafted by both budding talents and genre stalwarts.

Often referred to as Berlin’s best-kept secret, the club attracts a local crowd of electronic aficionados and techno enthusiasts united by their love for intimate clubbing sessions.

As Berlin’s floating utopia, Hoppetosse emulates the city’s vibrant party culture.

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