Ikon Antwerp

December 15, 2022
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party at Ikon Antwerp
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Antwerp, Belgium

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Hip-Hop, Latin


International, VIP, Live music


Reigning at the forefront of Antwerp’s nightlife scene, Ikon showed the city what real parties are like.

The nightclub was initially called Noxx, and it opened its doors in 2009. Antwerp was left reeling with artists like Rihanna and The Black Eyed Peas setting Noxx’s stage on fire. While Noxx quickly became a mega club, it needed some alterations to go with the flow.

INoxx became Ikon in 2015, encompassing an event venue and nightclub. Keeping its old location, Ikon can be found at the edge of Luchtbal and across from Eilandje, south of Antwerp.

The club encompasses four rooms, each with a bar and DJ booth, with a total capacity of 2,500 party animals. The main room is the biggest; it’s full-on white, maintaining a polished ambiance, with fancy multilevel chandeliers and a sunken dance floor.

Ikon’s binding room offers a different vibe with distinct Moroccan pendant lights. Aura Room is characterized by its geometrical LED lights, paneled walls, and black lounges. The fourth room, Sky Club, is another story, with live acts and even strip tease shows.

As you can expect from a massive nightlife venue, Ikon doesn’t stick to one genre of music. From hip-hop and Latin to afrobeats and electronic music, Ikon nightclub will undoubtedly get you showing off your best moves. Ikon lived up to its star-studded past with nights like Jason Derulo’s afterparty.

The high-profile nightclub attracts a glam crowd of locals and tourists alike. Ikon goes beyond accommodating its clubbers; it offers gush-worthy nights.

Featuring an elaborate playground of entertainment, a stellar reputation, and names that turn heads, Ikon is an icon.

© @ikonantwerp / Instagram


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