Industria Club Porto

July 07, 2023
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party at Industria Club Porto
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Porto, Portugal

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500




International, Live music


With a party-planning history spanning decades, Industria Club is the ultimate party spot in Porto’s nightlife.

Opened in 1986, the venue boasts a location that would attract green-eyed glances. Perched on Porto’s eastern oceanfront, Industria Club is perched in the breezy Paços amidst a bustling cluster of multi-story buildings and casual eateries.

Inside the Porto club, you’re transported into a dynamic universe where the all-black interior amplifies the vibrant hues of the ambient lighting.

At the heart of Industria Club, the DJ’s stage, an elevated black box, pulses to the beat of the music. Above the DJ, rods of light cast a surreal glow while two large propeller designs add a unique touch to the backdrop. Dancing under the giant disco ball, club-goers bask in its iridescent glow, while a lit-up wall carries cheeky, changing messages that keep the mood buoyant.

This is the playground of the city’s most skilled DJs, where the air crackles with the exhilarating beats of house and techno. A magnet for electronic zealots and curious travelers, Industria Club is a melting pot of local vibes and international flair.

For every music lover seeking the perfect sunrise after a night of untamed revelry, Industria Club is an unmissable destination in Porto.


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