Insomnia Berlin

June 13, 2023
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party at Insomnia Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500




Live music


At Insomnia, one of Berlin’s most hedonistic destinations, the door policy is strict: no phones, no photos, and very few clothes.

Once a resplendent 19th-century ballroom, this peculiar entity made its mark on Berlin’s clubland in 2005. Envisioned, shaped, and managed by Dominique, a prominent figure in Berlin’s fetish scene, Insomnia calls Tempelhof home.

Back in the day, the southern district served as a site of Nazi rallies. Fast forward to today, Tempelhof boasts verdant communal gardens, rows of colorful gardens, and cultural centers.

As for Insomnia, the club is nestled on the ground floor of a gray, multi-story building showcasing German architecture.

Insomnia blazes with audacious splashes of gold and red, morphing from a dormant architectural relic into a scintillating celebration of sensual expression. Here, Rome’s legendary orgies and New York’s Studio 54 are reborn.

As you step through the doors into its dimly lit labyrinth, you encounter an exotic world that invites exploration and indulgence. Spanning a capacity of 400 revelers, the Berlin nightlife temple boasts several dance floors and ‘playrooms,’ as affectionately put by locals.

With a mix of both international and local DJs, Insomnia is where sensual expression gets fueled by techno, electro, and house.

Not a club for the faint-hearted, Insomnia relishes in its role as a sanctuary for the non-conforming, the polymorphic party-goers, and the unabashedly libertine.

At Insomnia, casual intimacy isn’t a mere byproduct – it’s the currency of connection. In the club’s realm, the diverse forms of life and love – vanilla or fetishist, swinger or gender fluid – all find a home.

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