Inspire Las Vegas

July 05, 2022
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party at Inspire Las Vegas
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Las Vegas, United States

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XXS – 0-200


Hip-Hop, Latin


Live music, Rooftop


Want to party somewhere not on the Las Vegas Strip? Inspire nightclub is the place for you.

Located in downtown Las Vegas, known for 24-hour shopping malls, casinos, and tourist attractions, Inspire is a popular destination to have a fun night out with friends.

This three-level venue is split into a seated theater on the first floor, a lounge with an outdoor balcony on the second floor, and a rooftop patio with sweeping city views.

Inspire nightclub features in-house DJs that spin a mix of mainstream pop, hip-hop, Latin, and electronic music. The multi-level venue allows space for private parties, large groups, and a vibrant crowd of locals and tourists looking for an alternative to partying on the Strip.

Thanks to its stunning city views, stellar DJ sets, and modular spaces, Inspire is the way to relish the Las Vegas nightlife to its fullest.

© @inspirelv / Facebook


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