Institut Fuer Zukunft Leipzig

November 09, 2022
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party at Institut Fuer Zukunft Leipzig
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Leipzig, Germany

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500




Underground, Alternative


Born from a passion for music and culture, Institut Fuer Zukunft is a must-visit nightclub and artistic hub in Leipzig.

The club started as a political movement of the namesake organizing parties to fund initiatives and anti-fascist groups. It later flourished into a physical space bringing together musical and artistic expression in 2014 after crowdfunding efforts yielded impressive results.

Institut Fuer Zukunft, commonly known as IfZ, is in the basement of a former market hall, Kohlrabi Circus, in Leipzig’s southside. The area is a student hub, holding many of Leipzig’s University’s faculties.

Spanning an ample space with three floors and an outdoor area, you can expect nothing but an authentic, raw, and industrial setting for endless raves. IfZ Leipzig is a rebel with a cause; its undisguised interior is a testament to it.

The music at the Leipzig nightclub covers a range of electronic sounds. Gabber, progressive techno, drum and bass, and melodic beats can be heard blasting the walls of Institut Fuer Zukunft, drawing varied electro-heads like a siren call.

Essentially a grassroots organization, Institut Fuer Zukunft promotes safe nightlife, advocates for women DJs, and has strict inclusivity guidelines on its dance floor(s). An equally leftist and badass crowd frequents the venue on club nights and for cultural events like feminist lectures and indie movie screenings.

If you want to dive deep into Leipzig’s electronic music scene and make like-minded friends while partying, Institut Fuer Zukunft will not disappoint.

© Boiler Room / Youtube


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