IT Athens

June 16, 2022
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party at IT Athens
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Athens, Greece

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k




Live music


IT is an intimate underground spot to enjoy electronic music.

Opened in 2011, IT is a multi-purpose space for artistic events and has become the go-to stage for numerous musicians in the cultural hub of Exarchia, central Athens. 

IT, originally an old house, was transformed into an underground spot modified to host intimate live events. The exterior walls of the building are covered with graffiti, coupled with the club’s logo, which is an angler fish. On the inside, the club has a gritty vibe due to its hazy lighting, intimate space, and deep-sea decorations.

This Athens nightclub is home to music that’s within the techno spectrum. With a range of electronic music and psytrance, the nightclub makes the perfect spot for audiences that love electronic music. 

IT has been an integral part of Athens’ underground nightlife scene due to its atmosphere, music, and location.

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