Kastel Istanbul

November 01, 2022
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party at Kastel Istanbul
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Istanbul, Turkey

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k




Alternative, International, Upscale


Kastel is unlike any other club you have ever seen as it encapsulates the grandeur of Istanbul’s nightlife thanks to its exquisite setting.

The club is in Hüseyinağa, Beyoğlu, a short walk from Taksim Square, the city’s center. It is housed inside a historic European building.

The club’s interior features Baroque architecture characterized by opulence. Spanning three stories, including a mezzanine, the club showcases gigantic columns, painted walls, and vaulted ceilings.

Kastel is a staple for electronic music as it plays EDM, techno, house, progressive, and other subgenres. It hosts local and internationally renowned artists such as Mia Mendi and DJ Elif.

The eclectic throng of visitors and residents contributes to Kastel’s allure. At the Istanbul nightclub, you can be your most genuine self.

With its alternative yet luxurious feel merged with the latest electronic mixes, Kastel has become one of the most beloved clubs in the city.

© @kastel_istanbul / Instagram


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