March 07, 2023
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party at KEOPS DISCO Mallorca
© @KeopsDisco / Facebook

Mallorca, Spain

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Latin, R&B


Live music, Alternative, International


Quirky and bold, KEOPS DISCO adds another dimension to Mallorca’s clubbing scene through its thematic interior.

Located in the vibrant Cala Ratjada, north Mallorca, the nightlife venue sits in a flashy two-story building covered in neon-lit hieroglyphics. Hard to miss and even harder to avoid entering, the building is surrounded by crystal clear waters, sun-soaked beaches and tourist attractions.

Placing all of its bets on decor, KEOPS DISCO gives clubbers an Egyptian history lesson with its offbeat designs. While Pharaoh patterns cover the walls, hieroglyphics combining graphic and alphabetic elements become storytellers for those who want to listen.

Spanning two floors, the Mallorca club gives party animals enough space to dance, socialize, and chill.

When it comes to music repertoire, the clubbing soundtrack can differ from one night to another. You should expect commercial EDM, afro beats, and upbeat reggaeton.

Both locals and tourists flock to KEOPS DISCO’s dance floor for its multi-genre playlists, intricate decor, and buzzing vibes.

Get transported to a beat-fueled version of ancient Egypt at KEOPS DISCO and party the night away.

© @KeopsDisco / Facebook


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