Kiki Queer Bar Reykjavik

February 16, 2023
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party at Kiki Queer Bar Reykjavik
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Reykjavík, Iceland

Bar / Indoor only / XS – 200-500




Local, LGBT


Kiki Queer won’t be hard to find with its rainbow-striped exterior and unapologetic queerness.

As one of the most popular clubs in Reykjavik, Kiki Queer is located slightly east of the city’s center. The club’s surrounding area has always been a hotspot for gay clubs and queer bars that serve as pre-drinking hubs.

Intimate and minimalist, Kiki Queer spans two floors and a modular stage where drag shows reign supreme. Cozy disco balls hang above the dance floor while minimal lightning fills up the vibrant atmosphere.

Expect to be belting out all your favorite pop and disco anthems in this club, along with commercial mash-ups and queer anthems.

You might think the typical visitors of this club are members of the LGBT+ community, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Allies, friends, and clubbers who want to take a peek inside this vibrant community will all flock to Kiki Queer’s dance floor.

Whether you want to dress up in dramatic outfits, enjoy a drag show, or enjoy bumpy beats, this club is for everyone.

© @kikiqueerbar / Instagram


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