KONG Auckland

February 21, 2023
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party at KONG Auckland
© @clubkong / Instagram

Auckland, New Zealand

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Hip-Hop, R&B


Local, VIP, Upscale


Get a taste of Auckland’s VIP clubbing at the permanently buzzing KONG club.

Since its opening, the vibrant nightlife hub has delivered ineffable parties inside a modern black building in Central Business District. As the city’s economic heart, the metropolitan area features everything from high-end shops to late-night eateries.

Although the club is not large in size, it sure does have a lot to offer.

Known for its exclusive VIP experiences, KONG goes all in for the decor. With hypnotizing light shows and walls adorned with LED screens, the futuristic feel is palpable at the Auckland club.

KONG’s large sound system blasts everything related to urban sounds. Heavy on hip-hop songs and R&B beats, the Auckland club is the city’s dealer for the freshest mixes.

Young locals and international tourists spend their weekends on KONG’s dance floor for its elevated party atmosphere.

With a relentless commitment to sound quality, KONG is where you experience an upscale nightlife experience.

© @clubkong / Instagram


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