Kremlin Belfast

June 29, 2022
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party at Kremlin Belfast
© @Kremlin.Belfast / Facebook

Belfast, United Kingdom

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop


Live Music, LGBT


Kremlin is an iconic and unique part of Belfast’s nightlife scene. 

Since the club was established in 1999 in Cathedral Quarter, northern Belfast, this nightlife hub has become the perfect place for an exciting night out. The venue’s design is a mix between modern and homage to the Soviet Union.  Decorated with graffiti, Soviet-era paintings, and pictures of past events, the club’s vibe takes you down memory lane.

As the decor suggests, Kremlin is predominantly famous for playing retro pop music hits from artists like ABBA and Shania Twain. The local LGBT+ community forms the bulk of the frequent crowd that attends the venue. 

The uniqueness of the club’s concept, mixed with the vibrant atmosphere and music, makes it a spot beloved by many in the city of Belfast.

© @Kremlin.Belfast / Facebook


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