La Gare 27 Antwerp

December 15, 2022
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party at La Gare 27 Antwerp
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Antwerp, Belgium

Other / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Hip-Hop, Electronic, Pop


Upscale, VIP, Live music


La Gare 27 is about all things shiny and loud.

The nightclub opened in 2014, claiming Den Dam, south Antwerp, home to its wild nights. The club, which doubles as an event venue, is divided into two rooms.

La Gare 27’s main room is sleek black with multi-leveled crystal chandeliers and a VIP area. The other room has a tropical theme, with leaves dangling from the ceiling and wild animals lurking on its walls.

The music at La Gare 27 puts the club on a whole other level, with afrobeats, electronic, and hip-hop tunes banging all night long. Live acts are another bonus at the nightclub, with artists like DIKKE singing to eager crowds.

The five-star experience lures a fashionable young crowd, and La Gare 27 makes room for all.

La Gare 27 gives you a taste of high living, from its unmatched swank to its thrilling parties.

© @lagare27 / Instagram


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