Level 13 Oakland

October 30, 2022
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party at Level 13 Oakland
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Oakland, USA

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500


Latin, Reggae, Hip-Hop


LGBT, Live Music, Alternative


Ever partied in an alley? There’s a first time for everything, and Level 13 nightclub is happy to be of service.

The nightclub is another hidden gem of Downtown in Oakland’s central business district. The alley walls are covered in graffiti, with string lights and green leaves hanging overhead, giving an earthy feel to the city street.

The club’s interior is accommodating, clad in black and white, straight out of a ‘50s movie.

The club is always coming up with new ideas, from silent parties to a fashion show in the alley – Graffiti Alley – you are always waiting for the next big thing.

Reggae, dancehall, soca, and Afrobeats reign supreme in Level 13 club, bringing in a diverse crowd. Casual and ready to dance till midnight is the memo around the nightclub.

Whether you’re trying to lose your ‘never partied in an alley’ V-card or looking for fiery nights, Level 13 is the place for you.

© @level13oakland / Instagram


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