Liquid Club Malta

May 11, 2023
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party at Liquid Club Malta
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Malta, Malta

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k




Live music, Underground


Also dubbed one of Malta’s best spots for underground clubbing sessions, Liquid Club is both groovy and bold.

With a history spanning decades, the Malta club has been running since 1998. Back then, it transformed an old building into a high-spirited music temple on the island’s east side.

The town that houses Liquid Club is San Gwann. While the area is far from being a nightlife hotspot, it proudly preserves ancient architecture and mixes it with contemporary commercial centers and a slew of trinket shops.

As for the nightclub, it is located in a brick building branded with Liquid’s logo banner.

Spanning two rooms, the electronic music temple boasts an impressive capacity of 950 people. Away from its underground vibe and cave-like aesthetics, Liquid Club comes equipped with a VOID system, ensuring sounds are always crisp and booming.

As one might expect from its industrial aesthetics, the Malta club has hosted a long-and-fine list of music heroes from the electronic spectrum. Expect spine-tingling techno and acid techno, but other genres like house might come into the mix.

Naturally, Liquid Club attracts local and international electroheads looking to dive deep into Malta’s clubbing scene.

No other club has shaped the island’s underground culture like Liquid, which speaks volumes about how it operates.

© @liquidclubmalta / Instagram


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