LOFT Metropolis Paris

June 10, 2022
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party at LOFT Metropolis Paris
© @loftmetropolisparis / Facebook

Paris, France

Club / Indoor / L – 5k-20k


Electronic, Hip-Hop, Pop


Casual, International, Live Music


LOFT Metropolis is one of the biggest nightclubs in Paris, known for its wild nights.

The nightclub is located in Les Halles shopping center, south of Paris. Neighboring many hotels and restaurants, LOFT Metropolis finds home in a covetable location. LOFT Metropolis is spread over four rooms and dance floors, each offering a specific affair.

Famous for its crazy themed parties, LOFT Metropolis hosts different genres in every space. From electronic to Latin, LOFT Metropolis promises a weekend of uninterrupted festivities.

Due to its grandeur and fluidity, the Paris nightclub attracts young locals and tourists hoping to revel in an elaborately decorated club. 

Feel the spirit of Parisienne youth at LOFT Metropolis.

LOFT METROPOLIS : BEST CLUB PARIS | © Loft Metropolis Paris / YouTube


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