Magistrat The Hague

December 06, 2022
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party at Magistrat The Hague
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The Hague, Netherlands

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k




Underground, Students


Magistrat has always been the talk of the town, from a porn cinema to one of the top nightclubs The Hague has ever witnessed.

While the club opened in 2014, the building is more than a century old, established in 1912. Owned by the film pioneer Willy Mullens, the building debuted as the first cinema in The Hague called the Residentie-Bioscoop.

The building then saw its share of clubs and two cinemas, one showing adult movies called Le Paris. Finally, Magistrat is the icing on the cake, carrying on the legacy of guaranteed sexy time.

The three-story nightclub in The Hague Center is easily spotted by its art deco exterior. Magistrat boasts a raw underground vibe featuring high ceilings, an all-black interior, and an LED-lit dance floor.

If you worship electronic music, then Magistrat club is your altar, playing everything from techno, house, and psytrance to hardcore, drum and bass, and disco.

The club also holds occasional DJ contests to spice things up. So if you want to go from clubber to DJ, Magistrat wants to see you spin some beats.

Local and international students are Magistrat’s number one fans, dressed casually and ready to go all out on the dance floor.

The Hague’s Magistrat is a true electronic haven with a rich history and an exciting present.

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