Maluco Beleza Buenos Aires

July 12, 2022
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party at Maluco Beleza Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Latin, Raggae, Hip-Hop


Live music


Get your feet moving in Maluco Beleza, a restaurant and nightclub featuring all things Brazilian.

Housed in an old refurbished mansion in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, Maluco Beleza is located in the San Nicolás neighborhood, where all the most important governmental buildings, banks, and leading Argentinian firms are headquartered. Buenos Aires’ Maluco Beleza takes the hustle and bustle of the workday and converts it into an energetic party scene at night.

This Brazilian-Argentinian nightclub has not one but two dance floors. The main floor plays Brazilian music (samba and cumbia), reggaeton, and hip-hop. At the same time, a fusion of electronic and Latin music gets mixed upstairs on the second floor.

Maluco Beleza’s doors are always open to whoever is eager to experience an authentic Brazilian nightclubbing session in Argentina. This nightclub brings in the most discerning clientele, highly fashionable and sociable people to have a great time.

Live performances of Brazilian music go on every Friday and Saturday night. On the same nights, Brazilian Zouk and Lambada dance instructors teach you how to dance to the sensual rhythmic beats.

The venue boasts a masterful DJ set incorporating elements of Brazilian music to get club-goers moving. Maluco Beleza is a must-stop spot if you’re in the mood for a fun night of dancing away.

© @MalucoBelezaDisco / Facebook


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