Manhattan’s Santa Ponça Mallorca

March 07, 2023
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party at Manhattan's Santa Ponça Mallorca
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Mallorca, Spain

Bar / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Electronic, Pop


Casual, International, Students


With its hip and fun atmosphere, Manhattan’s Santa Ponça is Mallorca’s go-to destination for casual parties.

Half club, half bar, the nightlife venue sits in a one-story white building with wooden crescent doors and silver pillars. It is located in Santa Ponsa, a coastal town in southwest Mallorca brimming with sandy beaches and chill promenades.

Embodying its surroundings’ vibe, Manhattan’s Santa Ponça is intimate and vibrant. The Mallorca club packs a punch despite its small size, sporting a neon vibe with lit-up pillars and arched windows.

The nightlife destination keeps clubbers entertained beyond the music with a boxing arcade machine. A dancing pole is also included in the package for the brave and dance-skilled party animals.

Due to its international appeal, Manhattan’s Santa Ponça features a commercial playlist of electronic hits and club anthems. Young tourists frequent the club during the summer season for its casual feel.

When you are in the mood to have a fuss-free night out, Manhattan’s Santa Ponça is what the doctor prescribed.

© @ManhattansSantaPonsa / Facebook


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