Marfil Club Malaga

May 16, 2023
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party at Marfil Club Malaga
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Malaga, Spain

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Latin, Raggae, R&B


Casual, Local


Chill and intimate, Marfil Club Malaga is always ready to throw in the best Latin beats.

The nightlife venue landed on Malaga’s clubland back in 2021. Since its inception, Marfil Club has been located in Centro Historico, a central part famous for its cluster of pedestrian lanes, medieval citadels, and laid-back terraces.

As for the Malaga club itself, it can be found inside a multi-story building showcasing local architecture similar to its surroundings.

Step into the Marfil Club, a tropical haven where the walls come alive with lush leaves and exposed black bricks. Fake plants add a touch of nature, while mirrored columns create a sense of space. The club’s majestic elephant logo graces multiple surfaces, serving as a branded and vibrant symbol.

At the heart of the Malaga club, a small yet alluring square-ish bar stands adorned with arranged rows of bottles, illuminated by the warm glow of neon lights.

Patrons can discover a few small wooden bar tables and stools arranged around the intimate room.

The pulsating beats at Marfil Club Malaga vary every night, offering an eclectic mix of Latin rhythms, afro beats, R&B, and commercial hits during international events.

As the ultimate destination for an inclusive and lively nightlife experience, the club attracts a vibrant crowd of locals from all walks of life.

Marfil Club invites you to let loose, embrace the energy, and create memories while you revel in the joy of simply having fun.


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