Matis Club Bologna

December 01, 2022
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party at Matis Club Bologna
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Bologna, Italy

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop


Upscale, VIP, Live music


When it comes to spectacular nights, Matis does not fool around – this club is where you can dance to your heart’s content to diverse music and fiery sets.

Matis has been providing unrivaled party sensations for party animals since 1988. Taking over a former old cinema on the outskirts of Bologna’s far west, the club is housed inside a white warehouse-style establishment.

Spanning two levels of entertainment, Matis offers a dinner-and-show concept followed by high-energy parties shaking up its massive dance floor, stage, and mezzanine.

Matis’ interior showcases modernity and style as it features eye-catching visuals, colorful lights sprawling in all directions, and decorative elements according to the night and theme.

The club never runs out of surprise as it boasts a Privé area: a cozy and dimly-lit room showcasing arabesque influences with patterned walls, glitzy chandeliers, and the face of a female pharaoh sculpture.

Matis’ parties will turn your night around with flashy costumes, live performances, fire-breathers, and talented dancers creating a carnivalesque vibe.

When it comes to music, the club is famous for its Vida Loca format – offering top-tier hip-hop, urban, and reggaeton beats – and History party blasting ‘90s hits.

If you’re a fan of electronic beats, don’t worry, as the Privé area is dedicated to alternative music, including house and techno.

The top-notch entertainment and iconic music blaring through Matis’ speakers charm people from all walks of life.

Matis has cracked the code of keeping party-goers on cloud nine with its unmatched music taste, theatrical fog, confetti, and fireworks.

© @matisclubofficial / Facebook


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