Megami Club Sofia

February 17, 2023
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party at Megami Club Sofia
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Sofia, Bulgaria

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k




International, Upscale, VIP


If you’re into the VIP treatment, Megami Club is happy to comply with your request.

The club found a home in the five-star Hotel Marinela, south Sofia. A chill area with home-y vibes, Megami Club’s area features residential areas and lush parks, making it a coveted neighborhood for family-oriented individuals.

Also dubbed one of the city’s top clubs, Megami lives up to its name. Showcasing a neon-lit and intricate interior, the Sofia club combines projection visuals with neon signs, creating hi-tech aesthetics.

Modern and stylish, Megami Club has a soft spot for bumpy sounds. A fan of all things electronic, the nightlife temple puts commercial house on a pedestal, but live performances are also part of the picture.

Besides local and international artists, expect to be swept off your feet by acrobats and dancers putting on unmissable shows.

A local crowd of party animals who aren’t afraid to splurge on bottle service flock to the club every weekend.

From its VIP treatment to its live performances, Megami Club always knows what’s new and next in the nightlife realm.

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