The Best of Mexico City Nightlife

May 11, 2023
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Mexico City is known for its traditional-meets-modern nightlife. 

Starting with a cocktail session at the upscale Fiera Rooftop and ending with a much-needed taco at Taqueria Los Cocuyos, this is how you can experience an amazing night out. 

Here’s your essential guide to Mexico City nightlife.

Enjoy a cocktail session with a view at Fiera Rooftop

© @fierarooftop / Instagram

Acting as the epitome of alfresco drinking experiences, Fiera Rooftop is located in Palmas, one of Mexico City’s busiest boulevards. Not one for the altitude-anxious, the high-kicking watering hole boasts sweeping views of the city’s glimmering skyline. 

Fiera Rooftop’s design team had one mission – to create a beach paradise at soaring heights.

From the wood furniture to the macramé pieces, the Mexico City nightlife spot oozes an effortless boho chic vibe. 

When you set foot on its terrace, you’ll feel transported to Mexico’s sun-kissed beaches, all thanks to the daring contrast between the bird nest lamp shades, pops of turquoise, and traditional furnishing. 

The party animals that have Fiera Rooftop as a weekend priority is those who want something different from their sipping fiesta.

Capture a gram-worthy shot at Palacio de Bellas Artes

© @perianez / Instagram

Also dubbed one of Mexico City’s architectural masterpieces, Palacio de Bellas Artes has served as a multifaceted cultural hub throughout its storied history. 

Today, the beautifully-lit structure provides endless possibilities for backdrop use. Finding the picture-perfect lightning after dark might suck, but not when at Palacio de Bellas Artes. 

Step into the world of cigar bliss at Cigar Point

© @cigar_point / Twitter

Though not Mexico native, cigars have found their place in the city’s social and cultural fabric. With a slew of cigar lounges springing up like mushrooms after rain, it’s easy to see why the Latin city is a go-to destination for rolled treasures. 

If we listen to locals, there is no better place to enjoy a puff of luxury than Cigar Point. Nestled in Mexico City’s Roma district, the nightlife establishment comes equipped with both indoor and outdoor spaces.

While its vintage elegance is a head-turner with leather armchairs and cigar memorabilia, the star of the night is the tobacco display. An impressive collection of Cuban and non-Cuban types, the walk-in humidor houses dozens – if not hundreds – of cigars. 

Whoever passes through Cigar Point’s doors can feel like a gentleman from a bygone era. If top-shelf whiskey and a cigar’s rich aroma don’t give you that vibe, we don’t know what will.

Stroll La Condesa’s streets

© Ted McGrath / Flickr

One of the few Mexico City districts that display a chic and European vibe, La Condesa is home to tree-lined avenues, art nouveau mansions, and impeccably preserved art deco buildings. 

Both eye candy and soul food, the Mexico City neighborhood reflects its 20th-century development through graffiti-soaked murals. Away from its free-spirited ethos, the area is renowned for its vibrant food scene, offering everything from Mexican dishes to international flavors. 

As a district that’s popular among intellectuals, hippies and budding business men, La Condesa showcases a classy partying style. The Mexico City nightlife hotspot opens up a world of possibilities, from a quiet terrace to a memorable clubbing session. 

Night owls can pick from cocktail sanctuaries like Leonor or nightclubs that focus on Latin beats, such as Mama Rumba

Whether you’re drawn to the neighborhood’s architectural treasures or lured by its lively nightlife, La Condesa has something for everyone.

Give the Coco Bongo cocktail a try at Handshake Speakeasy

© @handshake_bar / Instagram

In a mixology game where beautifully-layered cocktails reign supreme, there’s a magnetic allure in embracing the art of simplicity.

The Coco Bongo cocktail features minimalistic aesthetics but a lip-smacking taste of Japanese gin and tropical essences of coconut, lemongrass, pandan, and mango. 

The only Mexico City spot where you can sip on this nightlife concoction is Handshake Speakeasy Bar. Evoking images of 1920s speakeasies through Hollywood lenses, the best-kept open secret invites cocktails aficionados to go back to a simpler time. 

Handshake Speakeasy defies modern norms through a jet black and golden brass interior and a dimly-lit atmosphere. Timeless classics play a big part here, as the bar primarily focuses on vintage liquor – think, for example, of a century-old amaro. 

Since the Mexico City bar prioritizes premium ingredients and high-quality drinking experiences, expect a crowd of culturally refined cocktail communities. 

Burn up the dance floor at Government Club Polanco

© @GoverPolanco / Facebook

Not one for casual clubbers, Government Club Polanco adds an upscale layer to Mexico City’s nightlife. Beyond its VIP tables, plush seating, and hi-tech lighting systems, the party hub is the ultimate destination for those seeking high-end experiences.

Experience taco nirvana at Taqueria Los Cocuyos

© @tacoscocuyos / Instagram

While every party city has at least one late-night eatery serving juicy tacos, nobody does them like Mexicans. Wrapped in crispy tortillas and bursting with flavor, the mighty tacos come in different shapes and sizes. 

Juicy, marinated carne asada, slow-cooked barbacoa, or the savory spice of al pastor – each taco variation is topped with salsa, guacamole, and coriander. 

While Mexico City brims with traditional taquerias and bustling street halls, one of the best places to munch on tacos is Taqueria Los Cocuyos. Open since 1971, the fuss-free drunk food spot is popular for its extensive variety of fillings, ranging from marinated pork to beef brisket. 

But what makes Taqueria Los Cocuyos unique is its use of traditional methods to cook the meat, such as fiery grills and smoky flavors.


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