Mint Napolitano Santo Domingo

October 24, 2022
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party at Mint Napolitano Santo Domingo
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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Club / Indoor / XXS – 0-200


Electronic, Latin




When it comes to unforgettable clubbing experiences, Mint Napolitano knows how to deliver.

Mint Napolitano is a sure winner with its convenient location, only a stone’s throw away from the Caribbean coast. The club found its home in Ciudad Nueva, southeast of Santo Domingo.

Mint Napolitano offers a euphoric feel to its clubbers with its out-of-this-world light and sound systems. Its black leather couches, disco balls, and dim lighting will immerse you in an unmatched modern setting.

Mint Napolitano has a soft spot for Latin hip-hop; artists like Haraca Kiko, Shadow Blow, and Yaisel LM have all blasted the roof off the club. That said, it offers its share of varied electronic music to keep party-goers on their toes.

Dominicans flock to the club’s dance floor from late nights to even later mornings for groovy dancing sessions.

While the rest of the city wounds down, parties at Mint Napolitano are just revving up.

© @mintnapolitano / Instagram


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