Moods Club La Paz

February 16, 2023
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party at Moods Club La Paz
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La Paz, Bolivia

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200




Local, Live music


Moods Club earns its stripes fair and square with its reggaeton-fueled playlists and live performances.

The city’s party animals secured their clubbing spot in 2022. A newcomer to the nightlife scene, Moods Club found a home on the city’s outskirts, close to zona San Miguel. A centerpiece of every La Paz itinerary, the area is all about cozy restaurants, street shops, and colonial buildings.

Despite its small size, the club has plenty to offer. With a neon-tinged interior and walls adorned with geometrical shapes, Moods Club has an inimitable aesthetic.

Giving off a futuristic feel, the party destination showcases an intimate and inviting dance floor with enough space for nighttime shenanigans.

But the real treat is Moods Club’s live performances as local bands and artists regularly took to the stage. We are in Bolivia after all, so expect nothing but the bumpiest reggaeton beats and foot-tapping salsa.

A local spot for casual nights, the party spot is frequented by laid-back Bolivians of all ages.

As the city’s diamond of the season, Moods Club promises a clubbing session you won’t forget anytime soon.

© @MoodsClubBolivia / Facebook


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