Mutabor Moscow

June 24, 2022
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party at Mutabor Moscow
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Moscow, Russia

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k






With its raw and industrial appearance, Mutabor is all about transcendental electronic affairs.

Originally a machinery plant, the venue transformed into a flashy nightclub in 2019. Founders Natasha Abel, Alexander Lestyukhin, and Pavel Alekseev opened Mutabor in the Yuzhnoportovy district in southeastern Moscow.

Mutabor nightclub features indoor and outdoor spaces, giving partygoers enough space to bust moves until their feet get sore.

From the moment it opened its doors, Mutabor nightclub made it clear it was there to transform Moscow’s nightlife scene. The club attracts top DJs not only for the city’s best electronic music but its boldness for sound experimentation and genre-bending exploration. 

The high-profile club has attracted world-renowned DJs Sleeparchive, Ricardo Villalobos, Regis, Ninos du Brasil, and Nicolas Lutz to perform there. From locals to tourists, Mutabor is a mandatory stop-over for clubbers of all types, with the music making the crowd thump to a common rhythm.

Staying true to its authentic, underground roots, Mutabor features art installations and theater performances outside of its regular DJ program.

From its unmatched energy to its stellar electronic sounds, Mutabor is the way to relish an ineffable Moscow night.

∅ / Mutabor / Moscow 13 July 2019 | © С Е Т А П / YouTube


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