Nagomibar Kobe

December 14, 2022
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party at Nagomibar Kobe
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Kobe, Japan

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Electronic, Hip-Hop


Casual, Underground, Live music


Reigning at the forefront with its underground electronic beats, Nagomibar has earned a reputation as one of Kobe’s most beloved underground spots.

Open since 2015, the Kobe club is a nightlife adventure. Nagomibar is in Chuo-ku, central Kobe, known for its busy waterfront promenades, vibrant nightlife, and historic shrines like the Ikuta Shrine.

Loose, white cloths hang over the basement club’s intimate dance floor, creating an organic texture.

Nagomibar boasts stellar live performances by local talents in Kobe’s hip-hop and R&B scene. Emerging DJs spin experimental sounds, adding to the nightclub’s alternative flair.

Nagomibar’s crowd leans to the younger side, with fashionable streetwear being a common sight.

With its distinctive aura and state-of-the-art Pioneer sound system, Nagomibar is the way to relish ineffable Kobe nights to the fullest.

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