New Mariuzinn Rio de Janeiro

July 17, 2022
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party at New Mariuzinn Rio de Janeiro
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Hip-Hop, Latin


Live music,, Students


Want to get your disco mood on? New Mariuzinn is just what the doctor ordered. Featuring an open bar, lively parties, and a funky vibe, this Rio de Janeiro club is top tier.

Established in 1962, New Mariuzinn is one of the oldest nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro and is a cultural institution. Just a stone’s-throw-away from the world renowned Balneario beach, the Copacabana neighborhood is the oldest and most traditional part of the city.

New Mariuzinn Copacabana has a main room and a second floor reserved for VIP guests. With multi-colored lights set behind a wave pattern on the walls, New Mariuzinn cleverly brings the “go with the flow” vibe of the beach into the nightclub’s decor.

Though the club plays many genres, New Mariuzinn has Brazilian funk at its core. You can also get a taste of upbeat reggaeton and electronic music at the Rio de Janeiro nightclub.

Expert partiers know that music is what makes or breaks a nightclub, but an open bar certainly doesn’t hurt. Local and international club-goers flock to New Mariuzinn for its delicious cocktails.

From its beautifully decorated interior to free-flowing drinks, New Mariuzinn is the way to relish an ineffable Rio de Janeiro night to its fullest

© @newmariuzinn_club / Instagram


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