Newspeak Montreal

July 08, 2022
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party at Newspeak Montreal
© @newspeakmtl / Facebook

Montreal, Canada

Club / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Hip Hop


Underground, Alternative


Newspeak is an intimate nightclub that plays avant-guarde electronic music in Montreal nightlife.

The nightclub opened in 2015 at Rue Sainte-Elisabeth, in eastern Montreal. A long, well-lit bar and a large dance floor greet you at this edgy nightclub that is housed in a nondescript bare-bricked building.

The gathering space for enthusiasts of alternative music, Newspeak offers a fresh mix of electronic and indie music and live performances by the talented local artists. Fans who relish raw music by unconventional artists are seen to haunt the place. 

Step out of the rut of conventional EDM clubbing with Newspeak for a dose of edgy avant-guarde music that will get you moving to the real beats.  

Mero & Galetti @ Newspeak Montreal | SABOTAGE #1 HD | © Mero & Galetti / YouTube


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