Nopti Albe Cologne

November 22, 2022
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party at Nopti Albe Cologne
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Cologne, Germany

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Folk, Electronic


Live music, International


Are you looking for clubs with an international flair? Nopti Albe is the one for you.

Nopti Albe is in Altstadt-Nord, Innenstadt Cologne. The historic city center is known for its museums, narrow streets, and steeply gabled houses.

Mirrored walls and red accents define the interior of Nopti Albe, while tables and chairs surround an intimate dance floor for clubbers to rest between dance sessions.

The music at Nopti Albe predominantly features traditional music with electronic beats to create a distinctive sound. Renowned Romanian singers Puișor de la Mediaș, Leo de la Kuweit, Cristi Mega, and Ionut Spaniolu have performed there.

While Nopti Albe is popular with the Romanian community in the city, its arms are open to everyone.

With its permanently buzzing vibes and upbeat music, Nopti Albe is a vibrant place until the early morning.

© @Nopti Albe. / Facebook


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