Odyssey Club Cyprus

December 16, 2022
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party at Odyssey Club Cyprus
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Cyprus, Cyprus

Open air / Outdoor only / S – 500-2k


Pop, Folk, Electronic


International, Upscale, Live music


Odyssey is an adventure in its own right, bringing concert-like clubbing to sunny Cyprus.

The legendary open-air club resides in the Lord’s Palace Hotel in the Kyrenia District of north Cyprus. If you’re looking to practice your Greek, think again because residents of northern Cyprus are Turkish speakers.

Spanning a large arena resembling a Greek theater, Odyssey is a nightlife maze featuring a sizable stage and dance floor.

Odyssey’s spacious layout overlooks the Mediterranean, so you can rest assured you’ll snap Insta-worthy pics.

The club plays commercial tunes and Turkish pop beats to a diverse crowd of locals and tourists. A mature and swanky clientele frequents Odyssey for its unmatched views and familiar songs.

If you want to party with panoramic views of the Mediterranean while exploring new musical horizons, Odyssey nightclub awaits.

© @odysseyclubcyprus / Facebook


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