OHM Berlin

June 14, 2023
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OHM Berlin
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Berlin, Germany

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200




Live music, Local, Underground


Reminiscent of Trade parties, OHM posies an uncanny ability to constantly reinvent itself.

Back in 2013, the club was launched as Tresor’s sister venue. Far from being a rookie in the nightlife scene, the party hub took over former club Shift to see daylight.

Like the creme de la creme of Berlin’s electronic temples, OHM is nestled in the permanently buzzing Mitte between infamous clubs KitKat and Kater Blau. Boasting an enviable location, the central venue shares the same neighborhood with art institutions, restored pre-war buildings, and labyrinths of hip cafes.

OHM is in a multi-story building – and since the club is housed in the shell of a former battery room, don’t expect much space. It spans an underground, intimate dance floor where high energy is so ubiquitous that time-outs are always an afterthought.

Exposed brickwork, raw concrete, and remnants of original machinery still occupy the interior, giving OHM a unique character. It’s a blend of urban decay and modern hedonism.

Unlike the high-tech luminosity often seen in other nightclubs, the decor leans more toward the stark and minimalistic, a deliberate choice that lets the music take center stage.

Known for hosting exhilarating parties, OHM club creates an immersive auditory experience. Its music spans various genres, but it always emphasizes experimental, unique, and electronic sounds.

Interestingly, OHM still swims under the hype radar, so most of the club’s familiar faces are locals with a soft spot for underground venues.

A night at OHM is not just about the party, it’s about stepping into the heart of Berlin and experiencing the city’s true pulse.

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