Once Upon a Time Sofia

February 17, 2023
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party at Once Upon a Time Sofia
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Sofia, Bulgaria

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Hip-Hop, Pop


Local, Live music


Adding a dash of creativity to Sofia’s clubland, Once Upon a Time should be on your clubbing list.

Nestled in the city’s center, the club boasts an enviable location. Also dubbed one of the best places to dance in Sofia, Once Upon a Time is surrounded by lush gardens, marvelous architecture and cultural hubs.

With an all-inclusive approach to nightlife entertainment, the Sofia club features a garden bar directly linked to the main venue. As soon as you enter Once Upon a Time, you will be swept off your feet by the underground-meets-urban design.

Featuring exposed brick walls and a Studio 54-like decor, the nightlife hub has a soft spot for the disco era. Behind the DJ booth, a large sign with the club’s name in lit-up Hollywood font makes the venue even more vibrant.

You can dance to club anthems, such as commercial dance beats, hip-hop tunes, and retro hits. Local DJs take over the decks every weekend, ensuring Once Upon a Time is always ready to party.

A lively crowd of locals flocks to the club’s dance floor for an alternative night out.

Add a little pizzazz to your Sofia trip by adding Once Upon a Time on your bucket list.

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