Onyx Club Accra

July 06, 2023
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party at Onyx Club Accra
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Accra, Ghana

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Hip-Hop, Electronic


VIP, Upscale, Live music


Exuding an air of refined exuberance and undisputed style, Onyx Club is the emblem of Accra’s nightlife.

Sitting elegantly amidst the southern locale of Cantonments, the party hub first saw daylight in 2016. Since then, Onyx Club has been sharing the same neighborhood with posh restaurants, fancy cocktail bars, and international eateries.

Step in, and an alluring vortex of visual ecstasy immediately swallows you. The Accra club is a seamless blend of shadow and light, dressed in sleek black tones intermittently punctuated by streaks of neon threads painting the walls.

The seating section is a chic arrangement of plush lounge sofas flanked by modish coffee tables and framed by sharp geometric dividers, encapsulating a rendezvous of modern elegance.

Commanding Onyx Club’s ambience is the bar, a spectacle in itself. Framed by a radiant black marble counter and cascading crystal lights, it’s an epicenter of liquid ecstasy, crafting memories one drink at a time.

As the DJ stirs the crowd into a rhythmic frenzy, a medley of afrobeats and infectious dance music echoes through the expansive black ceiling, reverberating in every corner and seeping into your soul.

Onyx’s allure resonates powerfully with the local elite, drawing in a vivacious crowd that lives life at its own pace and marches to its own rhythm. Expect to rub shoulders with Accra’s finest – the trendy, the suave, the lively.

Onyx Club isn’t merely about a night out – it’s a rite of passage for those who seek to experience Accra’s quintessential charm.

© @clubonyxgh / Facebook


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