Pablo Lagos

July 06, 2023
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party at Pablo Lagos
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Lagos, Nigeria

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500




VIP, Upscale, Live music


Unapologetically upscale, Pablo is the go-to place for popping bottles and splurging on VIP tables.

Since its grand opening in 2017, the ritzy party hub has been located in Victoria Island, an affluent neighborhood south of Lagos. Beyond acting like a hotspot for after-dark entertainment, the area is home to luxurious condos and financial buildings.

The Pablo club is hard to miss as it nestled in the Cubana building, which features a unique and metallic prism look.

Your voyage into euphoria begins even before you step onto the dance floor, as Pablo invites you into its pulsating heart through a vibrant neon-lit tunnel. The walls spring to life with scintillating LEDs, creating a mesmerizing archway that guides you into the nightclub’s throbbing core.

Stepping inside is like entering an alternate universe. The plush, velvety black booths lining the walls offer cosy islands amidst the ecstatic sea of party-goers.

The real magic, however, is overhead. A dizzying network of pinprick lights dapple the ceiling, creating a celestial dreamscape that is mirrored by the vertical LED patterns streaking the walls.

At Pablo club, the music is as vibrant as the visuals. The heart-thumping rhythms of afrobeats resonate through the Lagos club, merging local flavors with infectious beats that coax even the most reserved patrons.

This nightlife venue is a favored hangout for Lagos’s lively middle-aged crowd, who find the perfect antidote to life’s routines in its pulsating rhythms and electrifying atmosphere.

At Pablo, parties are all about foot-tapping beats, top-shelf champagne, and the VIP treatment.

© @cubanalagos / Instagram


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