Point Final Ghent

February 13, 2023
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party at Point Final Ghent
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Ghent, Belgium

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Hip-Hop, Electronic


Upscale, VIP


Point Final is all about upscale and laid-back fun.

In 2002, Point Final nightclub debuted in the heart of Ghent’s Center City Overpoortstraat. The area surrounding the club brims with alternative bars, casual nightclubs and iconic landmarks, giving locals the best of both worlds.

The club provides a chill atmosphere illuminated by LED lights, creating an edgy yet cozy ambiance in its long and dimly-lit room. Point Final offers a VIP experience with top-shelf liquor and expensive bubbly if you’re seeking a ritzy vibe.

Get ready to be blown away by Point Final’s top-notch pop, electronic, and hip-hop sounds performed by renowned local DJs such as DJ DIMARO.

People of all backgrounds and ages flock to Point Final club, unable to resist the effortless charm.

For years, the nightclub garnered a rave reputation for its matchless VIP treatment and lively music.

© @pointfinal.gent / Instagram


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