Reineke Fuchs Cologne

November 22, 2022
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party at Reineke Fuchs Cologne
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Cologne, Germany

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Hip-Hop, Electronic


Live music, Casual, Underground


For a cheeky night out, Reineke Fuchs is where you can dance to hip-hop and electronic hits for a cheeky night out.

The club is named after a mischievous fox character in a famous German story. Established in 2012, Reineke Fuchs is in the trendy Belgian Quarter of central Cologne. The area has diverse eateries, vintage shops, and buzzing nightlife.

The modern interior of Reineke Fuchs features hardwood floors and black walls illuminated by LED lights in a grid pattern across the ceilings. The spacious dance floor leaves enough room for party-hoppers to bust moves until their legs are sore.

Reineke Fuchs is a go-to spot for electro-heads and hip-hop music lovers. Boasting a rotation of resident DJs spinning techno beats and hosting local rap artists, Reineke Fuchs is a vibrant place to party, no matter your music taste.

Epic sounds call for epic crowds, which is why you can see people from all walks of life at Reineke Fuchs club.

Reineke Fuchs is a must-visit for anyone searching for thumping afterparties.

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