Renate Berlin

June 14, 2023
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party at Renate Berlin
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Berlin, Germany

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500




Live music, International, Alternative


Also referred to as one of Berlin’s most coveted clubbing destinations, Renate is a nightlife labyrinth.

In 2007, the nightlife venue sprung from the remnants of an abandoned apartment building, creating an anarchic space that echoes Berlin’s post-unification parties.

Tucked away in the eastern Friedrichshain district, Renate shares the same neighborhood with other electronic temples, leafy areas, and laid-back entertainment spots.

For those who want to rave the night away at the Berlin club, you’ll find Renate in a multi-story, brick, and detached house.

An average residential building from the outside but a buzzing house party on the inside, the music hub has a capacity of 400 patrons. The decor plays an integral part in the club’s narrative, as cozy nooks and crannies predominate the interior.

Featuring an otherworldly appeal, Renate feels like an Alice in Wonderland page. Peeling walls, ceilings covered in disco balls and intricate patterns, along with vintage aesthetics, create the clubbing experience you won’t find anywhere else.

With each of the three main dance floors – Schwarzer Raum, Grüner Raum, and Roter Raum – catering to techno, house, and disco respectively, Renate pulsates with rhythms that echo through its hidden corners.

During Berlin’s balmy summer months, patrons can spill into the club’s lush outdoor courtyard, a serene haven away from the infectious energy within.

Renate’s lineup of international and local DJs, including industry stalwarts such as dOP, Prins Thomas and Axel Boman, fuels the nightclub’s vibrant soundscape.

Under Renate’s enigmatic roof, you’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with free-spirited Berlin locals, transient travelers, and seasoned clubbers from all corners of the globe.

Renate’s ability to continually reimagine the clubbing narrative while staying rooted in its origins is a testament to its success.

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