Retro Music Hall Prague

July 06, 2022
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party at Retro Music Hall Prague
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Prague, Czech Republic

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k




Live music, VIP


Retro Music Hall is one of the most visited nightlife spots in the Czech Republic and Europe.

The multi-genre club first opened its doors in 2011 in the trendy residential neighborhood of Vinohrady in northwest Prague. The club is housed in a multi-functional building with an auditorium and two separate private rooms.

EDM lovers are invited to join the party every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, while the other days of the week are dedicated to concerts, parties, as well as various corporate events. While hanging out at the Retro Music Hall, guests can expect to encounter a young, mostly local crowd.

In 2019, the venue was renovated, which resulted in the establishment of a luxurious VIP Zone boasting a great view of the whole club.

Aside from that, VIP guests can benefit from comfortable seating, a top-quality service, and special offers on drinks, and hookahs. Retro Music Hall redefined Prague’s nightlife with the best audio-visual technologies, as well as the greatest and most talented DJs.

TUJAMO! (DE) at Retro Music Hall! Aftermovie | © Retro Music Hall Prague / YouTube


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