Rubix Warehouse Melbourne

August 06, 2022
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party at Rubix Warehouse Melbourne
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Melbourne, Australia

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


R&B, Electronic




For party-goers who love electronic and urban music, Rubix Warehouse is the club for you.

Rubix Warehouse is in central Melbourne’s multicultural suburb of Brunswick, operating inside a warehouse covered with graffiti. The interior boasts an intimate space, lasers, murals, and a garden lounge.

The music featured in Rubix Warehouse includes drum and bass, EDM, techno, hip-hop, dance hall, and R&B. Dancers at the Melbourne club enhance the party experience, which brings in diverse crowds eager to be entertained.

With its industrial atmosphere and heart-thumping music, Rubix Warehouse has cemented itself as one of the go-to nightlife spots in Melbourne.

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