Sala Moma Bilbao

August 11, 2022
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party at Sala Moma Bilbao
© @MomaBilbao / Facebook

Bilbao, Spain

Club / Indoor Only / S – 500-2k


Latin, Pop, Hip Hop


International, Students, Elegant


If you’re looking for authentic yet international Bilbao nights, Sala Moma is your go-to spot. 

Sala Moma is only a few minutes from the Estuary of Bilbao in Abando, the city center, next to Hotel Ilunion. The nightlife spot features a spacious dance floor with a stage for live performances and is decorated with colorful, hanging light installations. The nightclub’s modern interior complements its contemporary vibes.

The music at Sala Moma is an eclectic combination of reggaeton, hip-hop, and commercial music. Sala Moma has become a meeting point for a young, stylish audience, attracting locals and tourists for the pursuit of a groovy journey.

From its lively and fun atmosphere to its beautiful venue, Sala Moma should be next on your list when visiting Bilbao.

© @MomaBilbao / Facebook


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