SchwuZ Berlin

June 09, 2022
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party at SchwuZ Berlin
© @schwuz / Facebook

Berlin, Germany

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Pop, Rock


LGBT, Live Music


A revolutionary nightclub, SchwuZ stands as a proud beacon for the LGBT+ community in Berlin. 

Founded in 1977, SchwuZ was the first alternative LGBT+ club on Berlin’s westside. After changing location in its formative years, the club finally settled in the neighborhood of Neukölln in a bigger and better version of its previous venues. The area is famous for its blend of old German architecture with Berlin’s contemporary skyscrapers.

SchwuZ club’s three dance floors and multiple seating options make it a great place to dance your heart out or chill with your community. The nightclub’s interior is a marvel on its own, with its exposed brick walls and colorful neon lights illuminating its spacious dance floors.

From throwback tunes to contemporary pop hits, the genre-defying nightclub attracts all kinds of clubbers. SchwuZ has a donation program to further support and enhance the LGBT+ artistic community.

SchwuZ remains one of Berlin’s most beloved clubs championing the cause of the LGBT+ community.

Schwuz club | © Video Berlinagenten / YouTube


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