Smartbar Chicago

July 07, 2022
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party at Smartbar Chicago
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Chicago, USA

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k




Underground, Local


Smartbar nightclub is the place to be for electronic music lovers in Chicago.

The hipster club has been a flagship in Chicago nightlife for over three decades entertaining a crowd of music-hungry people. Joe Shanahan is the owner and genius behind Smartbar. He centers the nightclub on independent music. Aside from Smartbar, Shanahan has made major contributions to the music industry and has thus been awarded a Recording Academy award to honor his legacy.

Smartbar is located in North Chicago and neighbors Wrigley Field. The club is in the basement of a palatial building within a buzzing neighborhood. Restaurants can be found around the area, so your after-party cravings will surely be satisfied.

Smartbar has resident local DJs and occasionally invites international talents to spin the decks. Sub-genres of EDM and house are played every weekend at the Chicago nightclub.

Smartbar puts quality music at its forefront. Whatever you wear or however old you are is irrelevant once you step in. 

Looking for a night of unparalleled entertainment? Smartbar is where music appreciation meets expertise.

© @smartbarchicago / Facebook


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