Sound-Bar Chicago

July 07, 2022
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party at Sound-Bar Chicago
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Chicago, USA

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Hip Hop, Electronic


VIP, Upscale


Sound-Bar is an electronic nightclub providing an unparalleled rave experience. 

Mark Jurczyk owns the nightclub and several other entertainment venues in Chicago. Located in the famous River North neighborhood in West Chicago, Sound-Bar stands out in a swarm of nightlife hotspots. The club has a whopping seven bars spread over two levels in a building. Sound-Bar’s VIP room is an experience worth breaking the bank.

The nightclub plays EDM and house music with class-act DJs making the dance floor throb. It gives its mass of partiers a night to remember with an outstanding audio-visual experience.

Sound-Bar is comparable with Berlin’s electronic clubs, and its patrons are just as appreciative of the genre. The club flaunts its exclusivity, so don’t forget to dress to impress. Sound-Bar takes multimedia clubbing to a higher plane.

© @SoundBarChicago / Facebook


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