Stackenschneider Saint Petersburg

June 29, 2022
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party at Stackenschneider Saint Petersburg
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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Club / Indoor / XXS – 0-200






Stackenschneider is one of the best underground clubs in the city.

Located in the Tsentralny administrative district, central, the club is a bustling party spot in the historic Konyushennaya Square. Catch picturesque views from the terrace, where you can dance the night away and watch a spectacular sunrise. The lighting and brick-layered walls contribute significantly to the underground and gritty vibes of the club.

Stackenschneider attracts a diverse audience and talented set of musicians every week, with their main sound focusing on underground, electronic music, and deep techno.  A medley of people flock to Stackenschneider, so expect to see a mixed crowd tearing up the dance floor. 

This relatively small St. Petersburg nightclub radiates an industrial atmosphere, with a crowd of techno-lovers coming together to enjoy Stackenschneider’s high sound quality and professional DJs.

StackenSchneider party | © This is about a dream / YouTube


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