Station 4 Dallas

July 07, 2022
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party at Station 4 Dallas
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Dallas, United States

Club /Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k




International, LGBT


Station 4 is the hottest LGBT+ nightclub in Texas, featuring the city’s best drag show performances.

It is conveniently situated in the posh Oak Lawn neighborhood north of downtown Dallas, an upscale area known as the heart of the city’s gay scene.

Don’t miss the superstar drag performances Station 4 is famous for, hosted every weekend in the iconic Rose Room. The club forms an integral part of the neighborhood’s LGBT+ culture.

This massive nightclub boasts 24,000 square feet of space spanning two floors, an outdoor patio, and a VIP lounge, and it even has 17 drinking stations. Station 4 is not loyal to any specific music genre; clubbers can expect to hear everything from techno beats to the latest hip-hop hits and mainstream pop mash-ups to international music.

Although a gay-friendly zone, Station 4 nightclub opens its heart to music lovers of all genders and identities. It prides itself in being an inclusive, safe space–so everyone is welcome. 

Thanks to its entertaining drag shows, spacious dance floors, and stellar VIP service, Station 4 is known for its thrilling afterparties and is the only destination you can hit up when other clubs have downed their shutters.

Station 4 in Dallas | © kerr123go / YouTube


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