Suicide Club Berlin

June 14, 2023
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party at Suicide Club Berlin
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Berlin, Germany

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2




Live music, Casual


Formerly known as Suicide Circus, Suicide Club Berlin is one of the city’s most traditional music spaces.

From its inception in 1994 to its 2009 relocation in the edgy R.A.W.-Gelände cultural center, the gritty music jewel has always been the epicenter of Berlin nightlife.

Sitting in a branded, standalone building, Suicide Club shares the eastern district of Friedrichshain with a plethora of snack bars, dancing spaces, and industrial buildings.

Its name was inspired by the Suicide band, which paved the way for minimal techno and synthesizers back in the 70s. Living up to its name, the Berlin club features an all-inclusive nocturnal adventure encompassing indoor spaces, an outdoor garden, and a beer garden.

Despite its warehouse-like atmosphere, Suicide Club keeps its finger on the pulse of current trends. An industrial-style dance floor dominates the space, enveloped by spectral lights and tendrils of fog.

Yet, Suicide Club Berlin is no ordinary techno temple. As you enter the open-air dancing space, the scene transforms dramatically, where barrel tables and wooden benches sponsor the cozy vibe.

Since we are in Berlin, the club gives prominence to everything that would fall under the electronic music category. Its booth has graced techno maestros like Electric Indigo, Cassegrain, and G-Man.

A sanctuary for the audacious, the Berlin nightlife venue is a melting pot of locals, hipsters, and yuppies.

With its decade-long commitment to being the best in the techno game, Suicide Club Berlin it’s a vibrant reflection of the city’s nonconformist spirit.

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