Supermarket Zurich

July 06, 2022
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party at Supermarket Zurich
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Zurich, Switzerland

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500




Live Music, Underground


The renowned club Supermarket has been blessing Zurich ravers for decades. 

Supermarket first welcomed its patrons in 1998 with the global rise of the electronic music scene. The nightclub is an icon in Zurich nightlife.

The Zurich club is located on Geroldstrasse in North Zurich. Supermarket is in a building with a private entrance. From the outside, the club looks average and tame; however, walk inside and you’ll be transported to a different universe. The club is dimly lit with visual installations decorating its black walls. There is a veranda, so rest assured you’ll get some much-needed fresh air once you’re off the dance floor.

Supermarket plays sub-genres of electronic music with a focus on minimal techno. International and local DJs perform at the veteran nightclub weekly.

The acclaimed club attracts avid electronic music fans. So, dress as relaxed as you like and head to Supermarket.

Top-notch acts and a high-quality sound system provided by KV2 audio…what more could your raver’s heart need?

© @clubsupermarket / Facebook


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